Special Needs

The Pacific Dental Services® Foundation is leading the charge to make oral healthcare more accessible to people with special needs through training, advocacy and the first dental clinic dedicated to providing care to this underserved population.


New Special Needs Clinic

There are over 52 million people with disabilities in the U.S. and only 10 percent of dental professionals are prepared to treat them. In fact, the number one health care problem of people with intellectual and physical disabilities is the inability to access competent oral healthcare. We’re responding to this need with our first dental clinic in Phoenix, Arizona,  dedicated to providing dental professionals with the knowledge and tools to serve patients with special needs. We're honored to have Dr. Jack Dillenberg as the Executive Clinical Director at the facility.

Making a difference in special needs dentistry

“Thanks to the commitment, passion and expertise of the Pacific Dental Services Foundation’s Special Needs Clinic in Phoenix, Special Olympics Athletes in Arizona will now have a dental home where they can be welcomed and receive competent and caring health care.

– Dr. Steven Perlman, DDS, Global Clinical Director and Founder, Special Olympics Special Smiles

Benjamin's Story

The PDS Foundation is proud to be paving the way towards improved access to care and healthier, happier smiles for patients with special needs of all ages in communities across the country. Meet Benjamin—one of the nearly 52 million Americans with a disability who’ve found it hard to obtain adequate oral care. Fortunately, his story has a happier ending than many.

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Tyler's Story

Tyler, an athlete at the Special Olympics from Virginia, had his front tooth knocked out during his softball game at the 2018 USA Games. In addition to a crown, Dr. Bolak saw he needed a root canal and multiple fillings and took care of those, too.

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